Monday, September 24, 2012

MOOD Nr 6 - Glamping - Live Life

Live Life..
Concept & Styling by
Pitsch Parx
Get ready for this luxury-tented outdoor experience !
As we enter the Indian Summer, the time is now !

Warm brown 2 room tent by Melino Style.
Trees and rocks with ferns from new Trails.
Terraform pine forest texture by Hearts and wood floor in the tent, designed by Distressed.
Maroccan sofa found at Melino Style.
Retro metal standing lamp and wood trunk designed by POST.
Wood decorations on the dressers from UrbanizeD.

Deep red chair with pillows designed by DIGS.
Coffee table and sideboard on the background from POST, potted iris flowers found at UrbanizeD and wood bowl from The Loft.
The hanging lamps where designed by Paramparamm Papp.
Sculpted curtains ( you find lots of different styles in full perm on the marketplace ) are here texturized by inSight Design.
Old recycled table on wheels and little porcelain vase with pencils was found at POST.
The gorgeous stuffed pheasant is designed by StoneWood.
For 1001 nights...
Wooden lounger, designed by NotSoBad.
Again the hanging ( very low prim ) lamps designed by Paramparamm Papp.
Suitcases are all from DIGS, and the potted mini tropic palm comes from Leezu.
And to finish our arabian inspired set, the wood and metal screen from Melino Style.
Wood trunk designed by LISP.
Tray with porcelain cups where found at UrbanizeD ( not available anymore )
Golden floral fabric for this relaxed chair designed by DIGS.

Ethnic fabrics on a chair from Melino Style along a side table from POST.
The terracotta vases on the floor where found at NotSoBad, and the African decoration on the table was designed by Marcco Andretti.
Vintage sideboard along a harvest butternut squash and corn, both designed by POST.
Retro red table lamp was found at DIGS.

Friday, September 21, 2012

MOOD Nr 6 - Glamping - Textures Forecast

For this Glamping mood, we see fabrics made of linen and hemp, biological cotton and canvas. 
Plain, woven patterns, or very richly printed fabrics for all accents ( we need pillow overdose on sofas, floor, beds.. pillows everywhere ! 
Fake animal fur or animal inspired prints will also give the luxury feeling ( but we do not go on safari !!! )
Print and decoration inspiration can be African or have an ethnic flavor, as long it is done with style , use it purely and well balanced.

All fabrics shown by inSight Design.
Again, all fabrics shown designed by inSight Design.
First 3 fabrics comes from inSight Design, the last one is designed by Distressed.

In floor and interior materials search for rich woods, like mahogany or walnut.
While styling preferably use stylish modern furniture in contrast with the concept of being outdoors.
And avoid the use of the classic things like rattan, bamboo or typical outdoor elements. Again, we are not going on safari !
The herringbone golden wood designed by inSight Design.
Inlaid wood panel comes from Studio Skye.
The modern printed carper was found at Twisted Thorn.
Big polka dots in brown tones from TRU Textures.
Overprinted white florals on natural wood planks designed by LimeHouse.
The ochre planks, the brown and rust panel and the painted plankfloor textures are all found at Distressed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MOOD Nr 6 - Glamping - Intro

As we move into fall, here a set in the rich Indian Summer tones, all earthly tones and shades going from deep browns, over rich ochre, spicy cilli into deep warm reds.
And we go glamping ! A new outdoor luxury way of living ! Use natural autumn tones and shades, it can be African or ethnic inspired, but always with chic ( and not shabby )
The wood villa is designed by GOL, and only available on the marketplace.
African inspired masks from The Loft and UrbanizeD.
Rug was stylist's own, and not for sale.
All the indian summer trees are from New Trails.
Fake zebra fur for the chair from Abiss.
The plain brown trunk was found at iTuTu, the travlers suitcases and the wool vintage rug comes from POST.
Indian summer leaves on the painting by Piedra Lubitsch.
Time for coffee with this red retro porcelain set from POST.
Tomato bowl from iTuTu, orange and white for the vintage vase by MeshWorx, waiting birds found at UrbanizeD and antique metal plate decor from The Loft.
Gorgeous golden peacock designed by Cryptic Conceptions, the background curtains are from LeeZu.
Organic and stylish, the natural wood stools/table from Shi, designed by Joy Laperriere.
Woven rug from The Loft, aloe potted plants from UrbanizeD and rotan modern chair from LP2.
African inspired wooden plates, designed by Marcco Andretti.
Rotan baskets from Y's, organic rug from The Loft, and printed rugs by designer own ( and not for sale )
Pillow with ethnic print designed byYogi Fargis, from the Tofino collection.
This picture was made in a build designed by Amisha March.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - REMIX by Emerald Beningborough

Golden Remix
Styling by
Emerald Beningborough
Emerald's Golden Remix set is build in a house from an old hunt, and designed by Cross Jupiter for Zacca. Most items used in this set are found on hunts, or are store gifts, or nearly free. As said before, style has no price, you only need good taste ;o)

The layerd stool is from UrbanizeD next to wheeled coffee table by The Loft.
On table, potted sunflowers by Kennykenny Rubble, candles are an old UrbanizeD gift and ivy cage by Tatty Soup.
The mirror comes from PopArt by Fionna Cale.
On the right side, potted aloe from UrbanizeD and antique golden perfume bottle by Charic Uladstron.               
Retro chairs with yellow leaves print from Tatty Soup.
The antique console comes from LHOC by Lindsay Pinelli. On top, books from Miasnow, dollhouse by Vicky Blessed, typewriter from M.Fox by Miabella Foxley and tulips in glass jar found at Hanaya.
The animal deer was designed by Pinky Villota, and the "Keep Our Planet Green" print was found at AB and made by Clementine Ishtari.
The rug comes from Tatty Soup, and the curtains from The Loft.
On the right side, "my world in a shell" vase by Jordan Giant.
White wood shelfs from Capriccio.
Bamboo basket planter comes from Hanaya.
Boxes and towerls from PopArt, and freebie round table with willow from Tatty Soup
More freebie stuff, the yellow pouf from Boathouse, animal deer by Pinky Villota and the wicker basket from Ricardo Avalira.
From LISP, the yellow hatboxes, and driftwood wall art found at AB, available on the marketplace only.
On the right side, day bed by JJ Lanes, designed by Aurora Jacks, the white table from NoNiNo and cluster yellow vases, designed by The Loft.          
Decorative African masks and modified curtains from Tatty Soup.
The antique console table was designed by Lindsay Pinelli and suitcase from Kaitlyn Lexington.
Freebie tissue box from Patatoes Creative.
Strong yellow for this porcelain vase from Meshworx, the new brand by Loz Hyde.
Not listed above;
Moulin rouge print on the back wall from Sacha Savira.
The big shelf over the bed was found at PopArt, along the ceiling fan.
Just above the bed, artwork "Sea Study Yellow" from Piedra Lubitsch.

We used a lot of extra textures;
Yellow patterns and pure yellow paint from inSight Design.
White and yellow floral prints from Dysprositos Chajit.
Strong yellow wallpaper from Artemis Bagley.
Dots fabrics from DTTextures by Angelina Yordstorm.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - REMIX by Alessandra Kingsford

The White Room Remix
Styling by Alessandra Kingsford
Photography by Neva Crystall
And what if we use our remix colors in a complete white setting..
Books and strapped spheres from the loft, in a prefab designed by Scarlet Creative.
Stylish sofa's and soft wool rugs, white leather sidetables, tray with vase, all from The Loft.
The wood coffee table is designed by What Next.
From LeeZu we used the table lamp to light up our room.
The unique circle shelf was found at The Loft, and the antler deco at M&M Creations.
The vase with lilies, candles, floor lamp and the stylish "pied-de-terre" chaise are all designed by What Next.
The modern fireplace was found at ARIA.
Neutral cactus, sparkle artwork and incence burner are from UrbanizeD.
In the tree ( comes with the house ) are jar lanterns designed by Winter Thorn for What Next.
The wall art above the bed, and the bed itself, are designed by MudHoney. Do note we used textures on the bed from inSight Design.
The wall tattoo and the decorative mannequin are both from UrbanizeD. The grey phone on the desk comes from What Next.
All other items around the desk, and the desk itself, are all from The Loft.
The leather side tables with wooden birds on top, along the very stylish yellow chairs are all from The Loft.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - Remix by Valena Vacano

Intimate Remix
Styling by Valena Vacano
Photography by Kaelyn Alecto
A deeper remix set, with stylish wallpaper from MadeByMoo to set the mood.
The antique wood desk was found at Baffle, the mirror and both chairs comes from The Loft.
Art and candles are both from North West, and the phone from What Next.
Rich brown wood for the bed designed by Cheeky Pea.
The stylish lamp on the bedside table was found at Abiss.
Table comes from The Loft and lights from LISP.

MOOD Nr 5 - Remix by Asthenia Pinazzo

Rustic Remix
Styling & Concept by Asthenia Pinazzo
A rustic remix set up in a natural look house, designed by L2.
Trio paintings on the background wall by Nordari and lamp by North West.
Big sofa in faded grey by Mudhoney, and a bright yellow chair designed by Art Dummy.
Modern table in wood with glass,and the yellow vase, both from Nowhere creations.
The hanging basket lounger comes from Cheeky Pea.
On the left picture, we set tone with the golden chair from Mudhoney.
The wood "stairs" on the background are part of the L2 house, and used here as sideboard.
Citrus yellow painting on the wall comes from North West ( modded by stylist )

On the picture in the middle, yellow clock from North West.

On the right side, A bunch of frames by North West at the wall.
Console from Mudhoney, on top, vases designed by Fucifino and basket with things ( ? ) by Cheeky Pea, and vase with flowers, also designed by Mudhoney.