Saturday, September 15, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - REMIX by Emerald Beningborough

Golden Remix
Styling by
Emerald Beningborough
Emerald's Golden Remix set is build in a house from an old hunt, and designed by Cross Jupiter for Zacca. Most items used in this set are found on hunts, or are store gifts, or nearly free. As said before, style has no price, you only need good taste ;o)

The layerd stool is from UrbanizeD next to wheeled coffee table by The Loft.
On table, potted sunflowers by Kennykenny Rubble, candles are an old UrbanizeD gift and ivy cage by Tatty Soup.
The mirror comes from PopArt by Fionna Cale.
On the right side, potted aloe from UrbanizeD and antique golden perfume bottle by Charic Uladstron.               
Retro chairs with yellow leaves print from Tatty Soup.
The antique console comes from LHOC by Lindsay Pinelli. On top, books from Miasnow, dollhouse by Vicky Blessed, typewriter from M.Fox by Miabella Foxley and tulips in glass jar found at Hanaya.
The animal deer was designed by Pinky Villota, and the "Keep Our Planet Green" print was found at AB and made by Clementine Ishtari.
The rug comes from Tatty Soup, and the curtains from The Loft.
On the right side, "my world in a shell" vase by Jordan Giant.
White wood shelfs from Capriccio.
Bamboo basket planter comes from Hanaya.
Boxes and towerls from PopArt, and freebie round table with willow from Tatty Soup
More freebie stuff, the yellow pouf from Boathouse, animal deer by Pinky Villota and the wicker basket from Ricardo Avalira.
From LISP, the yellow hatboxes, and driftwood wall art found at AB, available on the marketplace only.
On the right side, day bed by JJ Lanes, designed by Aurora Jacks, the white table from NoNiNo and cluster yellow vases, designed by The Loft.          
Decorative African masks and modified curtains from Tatty Soup.
The antique console table was designed by Lindsay Pinelli and suitcase from Kaitlyn Lexington.
Freebie tissue box from Patatoes Creative.
Strong yellow for this porcelain vase from Meshworx, the new brand by Loz Hyde.
Not listed above;
Moulin rouge print on the back wall from Sacha Savira.
The big shelf over the bed was found at PopArt, along the ceiling fan.
Just above the bed, artwork "Sea Study Yellow" from Piedra Lubitsch.

We used a lot of extra textures;
Yellow patterns and pure yellow paint from inSight Design.
White and yellow floral prints from Dysprositos Chajit.
Strong yellow wallpaper from Artemis Bagley.
Dots fabrics from DTTextures by Angelina Yordstorm.