Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MOOD Nr 6 - Glamping - Intro

As we move into fall, here a set in the rich Indian Summer tones, all earthly tones and shades going from deep browns, over rich ochre, spicy cilli into deep warm reds.
And we go glamping ! A new outdoor luxury way of living ! Use natural autumn tones and shades, it can be African or ethnic inspired, but always with chic ( and not shabby )
The wood villa is designed by GOL, and only available on the marketplace.
African inspired masks from The Loft and UrbanizeD.
Rug was stylist's own, and not for sale.
All the indian summer trees are from New Trails.
Fake zebra fur for the chair from Abiss.
The plain brown trunk was found at iTuTu, the travlers suitcases and the wool vintage rug comes from POST.
Indian summer leaves on the painting by Piedra Lubitsch.
Time for coffee with this red retro porcelain set from POST.
Tomato bowl from iTuTu, orange and white for the vintage vase by MeshWorx, waiting birds found at UrbanizeD and antique metal plate decor from The Loft.
Gorgeous golden peacock designed by Cryptic Conceptions, the background curtains are from LeeZu.
Organic and stylish, the natural wood stools/table from Shi, designed by Joy Laperriere.
Woven rug from The Loft, aloe potted plants from UrbanizeD and rotan modern chair from LP2.
African inspired wooden plates, designed by Marcco Andretti.
Rotan baskets from Y's, organic rug from The Loft, and printed rugs by designer own ( and not for sale )
Pillow with ethnic print designed byYogi Fargis, from the Tofino collection.
This picture was made in a build designed by Amisha March.