Friday, September 21, 2012

MOOD Nr 6 - Glamping - Textures Forecast

For this Glamping mood, we see fabrics made of linen and hemp, biological cotton and canvas. 
Plain, woven patterns, or very richly printed fabrics for all accents ( we need pillow overdose on sofas, floor, beds.. pillows everywhere ! 
Fake animal fur or animal inspired prints will also give the luxury feeling ( but we do not go on safari !!! )
Print and decoration inspiration can be African or have an ethnic flavor, as long it is done with style , use it purely and well balanced.

All fabrics shown by inSight Design.
Again, all fabrics shown designed by inSight Design.
First 3 fabrics comes from inSight Design, the last one is designed by Distressed.

In floor and interior materials search for rich woods, like mahogany or walnut.
While styling preferably use stylish modern furniture in contrast with the concept of being outdoors.
And avoid the use of the classic things like rattan, bamboo or typical outdoor elements. Again, we are not going on safari !
The herringbone golden wood designed by inSight Design.
Inlaid wood panel comes from Studio Skye.
The modern printed carper was found at Twisted Thorn.
Big polka dots in brown tones from TRU Textures.
Overprinted white florals on natural wood planks designed by LimeHouse.
The ochre planks, the brown and rust panel and the painted plankfloor textures are all found at Distressed.