Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - Remix by Asthenia Pinazzo

Rustic Remix
Styling & Concept by Asthenia Pinazzo
A rustic remix set up in a natural look house, designed by L2.
Trio paintings on the background wall by Nordari and lamp by North West.
Big sofa in faded grey by Mudhoney, and a bright yellow chair designed by Art Dummy.
Modern table in wood with glass,and the yellow vase, both from Nowhere creations.
The hanging basket lounger comes from Cheeky Pea.
On the left picture, we set tone with the golden chair from Mudhoney.
The wood "stairs" on the background are part of the L2 house, and used here as sideboard.
Citrus yellow painting on the wall comes from North West ( modded by stylist )

On the picture in the middle, yellow clock from North West.

On the right side, A bunch of frames by North West at the wall.
Console from Mudhoney, on top, vases designed by Fucifino and basket with things ( ? ) by Cheeky Pea, and vase with flowers, also designed by Mudhoney.