Friday, August 31, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - REMIX Textures Forecast

This is not only a remix of color, but also a remix of materials.
Think in terms of handmade recycled decoration, hand-woven rugs, artisan and authentic... Irregular becomes beauty !

From left to right, we start with a overpainted old wooden floor in soft yellow from Distressed.
Ochre yellow for a natural dyed ply wood designed by Texturized.
Golden brown toned wood planks, next to light yellow wood, both from Distressed.
Natural look for this wooden floor from inSight Design.
Last on the list, weathered look for this large plank fllor by Distressed.
Also, coming back to this color mix, you can use something in a style of 70's as this brown and yellow mix was used a lot then for printed wallpapers and decorative design. And as always , do not overkill the set, as we are not reviewing a retro look mood. At all times, keep it fresh and updated.

From left to right:
Dots in all sizes, in this 70ies mix for wall to wall carpet from Studio Skye.
Patterned swirls carpet in more natural tones from inSight Design.
All toned of brown for this dotted carpet designed by Tru Textures.
Yellow stripes in soft wool for this carpet from inSight Design
Fabrics should have a natural feeling, raw woven or even have a worn look.
This is not an easy remix as it can seem to be, you will need to rethink the concept and find a new starting point to build this set.
As we are already mixing 3 colors, better be calm in the use of patterns and printed fabrics. And if you use them, try to get them in a 2 tone prints.

From left to right:
Fake fur in soft grey, pinestripe wool and soft flowerd yellow linen from inSight Design.
Softed brown toned for this floral printed wool from Studio Skye.
Fancie "Pied-de-poule" pattern in brown-grey mix, classic "Herringbone" in warm camel brown and leaves all over on wool, all from inSight Design.
Amazing glossy painted Italian glass in deep yellows and natural brown tones.
Nr 1 and 3 are from Distressed, nr 2 and 4 are from Studio Skye.