Monday, August 27, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - REMIX Nr 1 Intro

And now, for the next mood, lets remix !
In Remix we will work around 3 colors, mix all together in one story. Or how to be creative with limitations.

We've made a ready to go first remix of warm camel brown, deep raven grey and bright citrus yellow, perfect for those last summer days, and moving already into fall. Warm but fresh, neutral but illume, natural but not boring, this is the perfect combination with one of the upcoming new key colors for 2013's fashion and interior design, yellow !
Our team used them in a completely white setting ( to make it more clear, try to paint all in a more warm cream ) , choose neutral blank wooden floors. This will make the remix more alive and will bring you a completely new and fresh styling. Or, use the remix in a darker setting, with deep grey wallpapers, to make the brown and yellow pop out even more.
Use such materials as stone, metal, wood and paper, they will bring a sober look and weathered color palette to the interior.
The brown and grey tones bring a natural flair into your home, and as they are both very neutral, they will let shine the yellow even more.
Keep in mind, the yellow brings instant sunshine in your life, it can make you almost smell a fresh lemon or dream about indian summer. It's yellow, the color that is associated by most people with joy and generating.
The main line to remember while decorating your interior is not to overdo with yellow ! Sometimes  yellow can be to overwhelming , better to use it in smaller doses, and finding right combinations.

Big ( resized ) mesh chandelier by The Loft, and wall decor by Melino Style.
Prefab in natural wood designed by inSight Design.
The first and last stools are both from Atelier Kreslo, and designed by Art Dummy. The yellow Maroccan sidetable comes from Melino Style, and the citrus yellow chair was designed by The Loft.
Bowls and books by Art Dummy, big retro vase comes from Meshworx.
Yellow folders on the floor by KUNST, the brand from Kunst Himmel.
This amazing illustration was designed by Sevenstar Amat for the first Inspiration Book, and blend perfectly our mood and colors on Remix. More of her work you can find ( and yes, order in rl ! ) here : ( Find the link to the store in her profile )