Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Disco Rainbow

Styling & Photography by
Journey Lorakeet
To have our colorful furniture stand out more, we went for a white concrete wall textures from Distressed, where we painted some pastel color blocks and paint splashes. It only takes 2 minutes to edit, and it bring a lot more joy into your home !

On the front we have the very cool tv from LISP in bright red, on a super stylish glossy plastic coffee table from Shi.
The dresser, what we modified a little, was found at Cheeky Pea.
The hanging lamps where found at TLND, and the floor pillows all over the place come from What Next.
Color block wall art designed by the Abiss team.
The swirly purple bookcase was found at Atmosphere Works.
And the wooden bird is a design from Drobak.
Bohemain and yellow for the Art Dummy couch, and bright reds for Amairi vases.
The open book, pastel glass vases and the neon yellow fan where found at The Loft.
All frames and the porcelain dishes, along the red iron side table, comes from North West.
An other, more vintage tv from Nodari, next to a vintage record player from Smersh.
The half pink painted chair was found at Atelier Kreslo.
Neon orange for the designers chair from LP2, and sitting on it, the style icon teapot dummy from.. yes, Art Dummy of course.
Playful rope lamp from LISP.
Vintage lounger and coffee table from Little Boxes.
The chaise and the wall tea cups where found at North West.