Monday, August 13, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Funky Town

Funky Town
Styling by
Emerald Beningborough
You dont always need big budgets to build amazing sets. Inspiration Book stylist Emerald has build this set with most items for free !! Group gifts, hunt design and random freebies.
Great style has no price, only good taste !

Old freebie sofa from Mo Miasma ( re-textured pillows by inSight Design )
Chair by Lyta McKeenan ( The Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt ), pillows by stylist.
From What Next this free gift wall art Sophia Print's.
The neon pink curtails where a gift from Amisha March on the Home & Garden Expo 2012.
On the left this super cute gift Mushroom House designed by Youki Cioc.
On the right side, the white wood table by JoHaDeZ, and yummie cupcakes from PopArt, Fionna Cale's store.
More free stuff, this time the Bluebirds Shelf, Blue Stool and the Bamboo Bottle from Tatty Soup.
Baskets of flowers for an old packaging from Luv Twine.
Deco Mannequin designed by LISP, and mixed prints for the round stool by UrbanizeD.
Rounded shapes for this chair by Keira Seerose, found on a hunt.
From Pinky Villota we got the Pink Cupboard, Aloe Plant and deco Home Blocks.
A must have, the retro pink phone and little boxes, both from Elle Kirshner.
The pink pot is part of an old packaging from L&K Prefabs.
Boom box case and the green curiosity cabine are both found at LISP.
More hunt designs, the Bee Hive from Marniemay Resident, and the large suitcase designed by Winona Wiefel.
Freebie Gumball Machine from Boathouse, IzzieBellah Hinderland's store.
The basket was found at Vent Du Sud, and the bottles are from PopArt.
On the left side, neon cupcakes baked by Miyu Adder.
On the right side; neon printed rug and Marilyn wall poster by PopArt.
Potted freebie Hydrangea's from iTuTu next to a bench from MMG.
Free Flower Shop print found at AB, and small vase by UrbanizeD.
Elle Kirshner designed this old style wall cabinet.
The red gumball machine is not available, but build by Miabella Foxley.