Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Neon Fashion Table

Styling & Concept by
Justice Topaz

Interior design comes in many ways, and there are no rules on how you see our "inspiration moods".
So, here we moved all our furniture outside, and mixed them with fashion designs.
Or how to fuse interior design and fashion...

The big print on the wall was designed by Rhonda Molinaro.
Blue chair by Zinnia Karu, and lots of potted plants, all from Dutchie.
The fairylike ivy on the wall we found at NOCC
The fashion items on the table;
Triangles and squeres necklaces by GLOW, designed by Jocelyn Anatine.
Cute camerabag and the Color Blocking Wedges where found at Tee-fy, and designed by Azure Electricteeth.
The rope belt comes from LaGyo, designed by Gyorgyna Larnia.
The loafer comes from FIR & MNA by Rob Moonites, and the neon pink bag from Fleshtone, designed by Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl.
Our big wood and metal table, along the big flowered Ottomans comes from The Loft, designed by Colleen Desmoulins.
Neon blue armchairs and a big yellow sofa, both from LISP, designed by Pandora Popstar.
Printed plates where found at North West and designed by Lili Brink.
The bottles in crate are from Drowsy, by Bettiepage Voyager.
The napkins and forks comes from ARIA, designed by Yelo Uriza