Sunday, August 5, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Color Pop Textures Forecast

As said before, this is a fashion-link mood. And so we blend neons with pastels, or just use the neons on a white canvas.
In interiors, we keep most of the fabrics just plain, as the color mix will make its own pattern. If you dare, go for the color blocking look !
If pattern are used, they should be giant !
Huge prints ( almost wall size print ) in both tones will work best, but use them wisely, only one wall, or an accent wall somewhere in the background.
Better keep the main walls WHITE, or use one of the pastel colors.
Intence techno colours mixed with soft pastels, turned into joyful striped fabrics. Perfect for all your curtains and pillows !
All textures are designed by Distressed.
If all the neons are a little to bright for you, why not go for more floral prints..
Roses, lace and dandelion prints, in contrast with bright color blocks ( maybe just one wall of your room ? )
All showed prints are from Distressed.
And its not only about fabrics, why not paint your front door in neon lime? Or ad some funky carpet in your bedroom ?
Our base floor in painted pink wood comes from inSight Design, the berry/brown retro carpet from Studio Skye. The dotted carpet in purple ( left side back ) and orange ( right side back ) are both from TRU Textures. All other painted woods are from Distressed.
And our mix is not only about the colors, but also in patterns and prints. Mix and match colors and prints to create a happy picture !
Textures from left to right:
Nr 1, 4 and 8 are from Distressed.
Nr 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10 are all from inSight Design.
Nr 6 and 7 are both from Studio Skye.

Vibrant colors in retro-esque prints to create a fresh and young modern look.
On this picture, done by textures from inSight Design.