Thursday, August 2, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - About "COLOR POP"

Summer 2012 is full of color ! We see fashion trends come into our homes.
Pastels are back in all their sweetness in our interiors, but this time they shouldn't be overdosed in the way we had before in the Shabby Chic stream some years ago.
This time they come in an updated modern way mixed with neon color blocks.
Clean, faded, softened and spicy the same time, give your interior some unexpected color splashes !

We start with basic pale and blond colors, only light wood is allowed here !
The pastel highlights are soft pink + baby blue + mint green.
The bright neons are sunflower yellow + neon orange + fuchsia.
Use them together in ( Fashion link again ) color blocking or in a ombre way ( fading over from one color into another )
In design we search for contrasts as well. Keywords are playful, modern, and fresh.
Nice smooth lines and well designed objects and furniture.
This is a trendy mood, so all that seems popular is useful: ceramics, tableware and decoration, if it is painted in pastels or neons, you can use it in your sets.
All chairs are designed by What Next.
Colored wood floors by Distressed. Background wall prints custom made for this picture.