Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mood Nr 3 - Muted Organic - Eye on chairs

Eye on Chairs !
Styling & photography by Neva Crystall

Chairs are from Picnic, CP and iTutu.
Stools can be found at Y's House and North West.
The wood plank bench is from UrbanizeD.
The greenhouse used for this picture was designed by DECO, and the "Caution" floor sign comes from Dirty Deeds.
The pipes ( on the back ) and the loudspeakers are from 19MC.
Watering pot, a large bucket ( yes, it comes with real virtual water ! ) and the large tub are found at Atmosphere Works.
The potted florals are designed by D-Lab, the military transreceiver and the old refrigerator by STUFF.
From SKYE are the old oil drums ( they are sold as full perm prefab designs. ).