Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sourcing - Color Of The Year by PANTONE® is Emerald !

PANTONE® , the company behind the standardized color reproduction system,
has announced that the 2013 color of the Year will be Emerald!

Emerald is a rich and radiant green, and most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones.
The perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. Also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity, no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.

Translated Emerald into our interiors;
As seen in our second INSPIRATION BOOK, we used already a lot of emerald green in our "Pagan Poetry" styling mood. The fresh green re-energize our homes and bring the positive spirit of spring into our interiors.
We go for a sense of well-being by using the emerald on accent walls, or ad a splash of happiness by using accessories in this jewel-like hue of green.
Well dosed and balanced, emerald tones can luxury-up your interior !

More info on PANTONE® here :