Friday, August 31, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - REMIX Textures Forecast

This is not only a remix of color, but also a remix of materials.
Think in terms of handmade recycled decoration, hand-woven rugs, artisan and authentic... Irregular becomes beauty !

From left to right, we start with a overpainted old wooden floor in soft yellow from Distressed.
Ochre yellow for a natural dyed ply wood designed by Texturized.
Golden brown toned wood planks, next to light yellow wood, both from Distressed.
Natural look for this wooden floor from inSight Design.
Last on the list, weathered look for this large plank fllor by Distressed.
Also, coming back to this color mix, you can use something in a style of 70's as this brown and yellow mix was used a lot then for printed wallpapers and decorative design. And as always , do not overkill the set, as we are not reviewing a retro look mood. At all times, keep it fresh and updated.

From left to right:
Dots in all sizes, in this 70ies mix for wall to wall carpet from Studio Skye.
Patterned swirls carpet in more natural tones from inSight Design.
All toned of brown for this dotted carpet designed by Tru Textures.
Yellow stripes in soft wool for this carpet from inSight Design
Fabrics should have a natural feeling, raw woven or even have a worn look.
This is not an easy remix as it can seem to be, you will need to rethink the concept and find a new starting point to build this set.
As we are already mixing 3 colors, better be calm in the use of patterns and printed fabrics. And if you use them, try to get them in a 2 tone prints.

From left to right:
Fake fur in soft grey, pinestripe wool and soft flowerd yellow linen from inSight Design.
Softed brown toned for this floral printed wool from Studio Skye.
Fancie "Pied-de-poule" pattern in brown-grey mix, classic "Herringbone" in warm camel brown and leaves all over on wool, all from inSight Design.
Amazing glossy painted Italian glass in deep yellows and natural brown tones.
Nr 1 and 3 are from Distressed, nr 2 and 4 are from Studio Skye.

Monday, August 27, 2012

MOOD Nr 5 - REMIX Nr 1 Intro

And now, for the next mood, lets remix !
In Remix we will work around 3 colors, mix all together in one story. Or how to be creative with limitations.

We've made a ready to go first remix of warm camel brown, deep raven grey and bright citrus yellow, perfect for those last summer days, and moving already into fall. Warm but fresh, neutral but illume, natural but not boring, this is the perfect combination with one of the upcoming new key colors for 2013's fashion and interior design, yellow !
Our team used them in a completely white setting ( to make it more clear, try to paint all in a more warm cream ) , choose neutral blank wooden floors. This will make the remix more alive and will bring you a completely new and fresh styling. Or, use the remix in a darker setting, with deep grey wallpapers, to make the brown and yellow pop out even more.
Use such materials as stone, metal, wood and paper, they will bring a sober look and weathered color palette to the interior.
The brown and grey tones bring a natural flair into your home, and as they are both very neutral, they will let shine the yellow even more.
Keep in mind, the yellow brings instant sunshine in your life, it can make you almost smell a fresh lemon or dream about indian summer. It's yellow, the color that is associated by most people with joy and generating.
The main line to remember while decorating your interior is not to overdo with yellow ! Sometimes  yellow can be to overwhelming , better to use it in smaller doses, and finding right combinations.

Big ( resized ) mesh chandelier by The Loft, and wall decor by Melino Style.
Prefab in natural wood designed by inSight Design.
The first and last stools are both from Atelier Kreslo, and designed by Art Dummy. The yellow Maroccan sidetable comes from Melino Style, and the citrus yellow chair was designed by The Loft.
Bowls and books by Art Dummy, big retro vase comes from Meshworx.
Yellow folders on the floor by KUNST, the brand from Kunst Himmel.
This amazing illustration was designed by Sevenstar Amat for the first Inspiration Book, and blend perfectly our mood and colors on Remix. More of her work you can find ( and yes, order in rl ! ) here : ( Find the link to the store in her profile )

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Disco Rainbow

Styling & Photography by
Journey Lorakeet
To have our colorful furniture stand out more, we went for a white concrete wall textures from Distressed, where we painted some pastel color blocks and paint splashes. It only takes 2 minutes to edit, and it bring a lot more joy into your home !

On the front we have the very cool tv from LISP in bright red, on a super stylish glossy plastic coffee table from Shi.
The dresser, what we modified a little, was found at Cheeky Pea.
The hanging lamps where found at TLND, and the floor pillows all over the place come from What Next.
Color block wall art designed by the Abiss team.
The swirly purple bookcase was found at Atmosphere Works.
And the wooden bird is a design from Drobak.
Bohemain and yellow for the Art Dummy couch, and bright reds for Amairi vases.
The open book, pastel glass vases and the neon yellow fan where found at The Loft.
All frames and the porcelain dishes, along the red iron side table, comes from North West.
An other, more vintage tv from Nodari, next to a vintage record player from Smersh.
The half pink painted chair was found at Atelier Kreslo.
Neon orange for the designers chair from LP2, and sitting on it, the style icon teapot dummy from.. yes, Art Dummy of course.
Playful rope lamp from LISP.
Vintage lounger and coffee table from Little Boxes.
The chaise and the wall tea cups where found at North West.

Monday, August 13, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Funky Town

Funky Town
Styling by
Emerald Beningborough
You dont always need big budgets to build amazing sets. Inspiration Book stylist Emerald has build this set with most items for free !! Group gifts, hunt design and random freebies.
Great style has no price, only good taste !

Old freebie sofa from Mo Miasma ( re-textured pillows by inSight Design )
Chair by Lyta McKeenan ( The Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt ), pillows by stylist.
From What Next this free gift wall art Sophia Print's.
The neon pink curtails where a gift from Amisha March on the Home & Garden Expo 2012.
On the left this super cute gift Mushroom House designed by Youki Cioc.
On the right side, the white wood table by JoHaDeZ, and yummie cupcakes from PopArt, Fionna Cale's store.
More free stuff, this time the Bluebirds Shelf, Blue Stool and the Bamboo Bottle from Tatty Soup.
Baskets of flowers for an old packaging from Luv Twine.
Deco Mannequin designed by LISP, and mixed prints for the round stool by UrbanizeD.
Rounded shapes for this chair by Keira Seerose, found on a hunt.
From Pinky Villota we got the Pink Cupboard, Aloe Plant and deco Home Blocks.
A must have, the retro pink phone and little boxes, both from Elle Kirshner.
The pink pot is part of an old packaging from L&K Prefabs.
Boom box case and the green curiosity cabine are both found at LISP.
More hunt designs, the Bee Hive from Marniemay Resident, and the large suitcase designed by Winona Wiefel.
Freebie Gumball Machine from Boathouse, IzzieBellah Hinderland's store.
The basket was found at Vent Du Sud, and the bottles are from PopArt.
On the left side, neon cupcakes baked by Miyu Adder.
On the right side; neon printed rug and Marilyn wall poster by PopArt.
Potted freebie Hydrangea's from iTuTu next to a bench from MMG.
Free Flower Shop print found at AB, and small vase by UrbanizeD.
Elle Kirshner designed this old style wall cabinet.
The red gumball machine is not available, but build by Miabella Foxley.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Neon Fashion Table

Styling & Concept by
Justice Topaz

Interior design comes in many ways, and there are no rules on how you see our "inspiration moods".
So, here we moved all our furniture outside, and mixed them with fashion designs.
Or how to fuse interior design and fashion...

The big print on the wall was designed by Rhonda Molinaro.
Blue chair by Zinnia Karu, and lots of potted plants, all from Dutchie.
The fairylike ivy on the wall we found at NOCC
The fashion items on the table;
Triangles and squeres necklaces by GLOW, designed by Jocelyn Anatine.
Cute camerabag and the Color Blocking Wedges where found at Tee-fy, and designed by Azure Electricteeth.
The rope belt comes from LaGyo, designed by Gyorgyna Larnia.
The loafer comes from FIR & MNA by Rob Moonites, and the neon pink bag from Fleshtone, designed by Stevenzuuh Gossipgirl.
Our big wood and metal table, along the big flowered Ottomans comes from The Loft, designed by Colleen Desmoulins.
Neon blue armchairs and a big yellow sofa, both from LISP, designed by Pandora Popstar.
Printed plates where found at North West and designed by Lili Brink.
The bottles in crate are from Drowsy, by Bettiepage Voyager.
The napkins and forks comes from ARIA, designed by Yelo Uriza

Sunday, August 5, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - Color Pop Textures Forecast

As said before, this is a fashion-link mood. And so we blend neons with pastels, or just use the neons on a white canvas.
In interiors, we keep most of the fabrics just plain, as the color mix will make its own pattern. If you dare, go for the color blocking look !
If pattern are used, they should be giant !
Huge prints ( almost wall size print ) in both tones will work best, but use them wisely, only one wall, or an accent wall somewhere in the background.
Better keep the main walls WHITE, or use one of the pastel colors.
Intence techno colours mixed with soft pastels, turned into joyful striped fabrics. Perfect for all your curtains and pillows !
All textures are designed by Distressed.
If all the neons are a little to bright for you, why not go for more floral prints..
Roses, lace and dandelion prints, in contrast with bright color blocks ( maybe just one wall of your room ? )
All showed prints are from Distressed.
And its not only about fabrics, why not paint your front door in neon lime? Or ad some funky carpet in your bedroom ?
Our base floor in painted pink wood comes from inSight Design, the berry/brown retro carpet from Studio Skye. The dotted carpet in purple ( left side back ) and orange ( right side back ) are both from TRU Textures. All other painted woods are from Distressed.
And our mix is not only about the colors, but also in patterns and prints. Mix and match colors and prints to create a happy picture !
Textures from left to right:
Nr 1, 4 and 8 are from Distressed.
Nr 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10 are all from inSight Design.
Nr 6 and 7 are both from Studio Skye.

Vibrant colors in retro-esque prints to create a fresh and young modern look.
On this picture, done by textures from inSight Design.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

MOOD Nr 4 - About "COLOR POP"

Summer 2012 is full of color ! We see fashion trends come into our homes.
Pastels are back in all their sweetness in our interiors, but this time they shouldn't be overdosed in the way we had before in the Shabby Chic stream some years ago.
This time they come in an updated modern way mixed with neon color blocks.
Clean, faded, softened and spicy the same time, give your interior some unexpected color splashes !

We start with basic pale and blond colors, only light wood is allowed here !
The pastel highlights are soft pink + baby blue + mint green.
The bright neons are sunflower yellow + neon orange + fuchsia.
Use them together in ( Fashion link again ) color blocking or in a ombre way ( fading over from one color into another )
In design we search for contrasts as well. Keywords are playful, modern, and fresh.
Nice smooth lines and well designed objects and furniture.
This is a trendy mood, so all that seems popular is useful: ceramics, tableware and decoration, if it is painted in pastels or neons, you can use it in your sets.
All chairs are designed by What Next.
Colored wood floors by Distressed. Background wall prints custom made for this picture.