Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mood Nr 3 - Muted Organic - Eye on chairs

Eye on Chairs !
Styling & photography by Neva Crystall

Chairs are from Picnic, CP and iTutu.
Stools can be found at Y's House and North West.
The wood plank bench is from UrbanizeD.
The greenhouse used for this picture was designed by DECO, and the "Caution" floor sign comes from Dirty Deeds.
The pipes ( on the back ) and the loudspeakers are from 19MC.
Watering pot, a large bucket ( yes, it comes with real virtual water ! ) and the large tub are found at Atmosphere Works.
The potted florals are designed by D-Lab, the military transreceiver and the old refrigerator by STUFF.
From SKYE are the old oil drums ( they are sold as full perm prefab designs. ).

Friday, July 20, 2012

MOOD Nr 3 - My Muted Home

My Muted Home
Styling, concept and photography by
Journey Lorakeet
Unexpected angles and perspectives for this L&K Prefabs skybox ( we modified it a little bit for the pictures )
Origami lamp by The Loft and an old pine dining table from PLAAKA.
Curtains where found at Aria, and the mannequin at Theosophy.
Potted plants are from iTuTu, and the meadow on the floor are from UrbanizeD.
Collected chairs and stools from North West and Cheeky Pea.
The mirror was found at North West, the wood table at Nuwiggles.
Standing lamp designed by Cheeky Pea, along a stool from Y's House.
The rack with hangers comes from noDe+ and the fan from Atmospheres Works.
Stylish vase with tulips designed by The Loft.
The old crate on the floor is the packaging from Nordari.

On the smaller picture;
Asian style paper lanterns by The Loft.
Set of tree trunk coffee tables from North West.
Wire frame sortage by AO, and no, this is no longer available.
Very decorative antler chandelier from The Loft.
The counters and fridge are all from Cheeky Pea.
Small blackboard from OPERA and art frames from Elefantu.
The coat rack is designed by Y's House.
On the floor, patatoe sacks from Kari and a ( fake ) sheep rug from Picnic.
The window pane and the chair was found at Art Dummy, the deco on the shelf at BoatHouse.
Picture on the left, see first credit list in this set,
Second picture;
The set of prints on the long wall are from Cheeky Pea, and the print on the front wall was made by The Loft.
The long black bench was designed by SunnyM, but no longer available.
The recycled dresser was found at BoatHouse.
Nice stylish lamp and a wallprint from North West.
The table clock is from LISP, and the art from What Next.
Basket on floor comes from Y's.
The mannequin head was found at Mr Poet, and the glass bowl with florals at The Loft.
The couch was designed by What Next.
Playful pony painting from BoatHouse and luggage from POST.
The leather boxes and wool baskets from Y's House.
The box wall shelving unit was designed by MMG.
Pears on the plate from Teawood ( available on marketplace only )
Incence bottles from iTuTu.
Set of medicine jars from G ( not longer available )

MOOD Nr 3 - Muted Organic - Collected !

Styling & concept by Agusta Godenot
Photography by.. well, me ;o)
Natural and realistic textures for the building, designed by Dwelling Quay Homes.
Fairylike lights from iTuTu and picture from POST above the shelf ( part of the build, unlinked and repurposed )
Need a safe? This one we found at RE/Ron Eun, and the chair at Picnic
Old music sheets (on top of safe) comes from Noctis.
Vine Planter was found at Laura Liberty/Builders Depot, and the small plant is designed by iTuTu.
Metal Sign comes from Virtual Decay.
All the miniatures are resized items;
The white/silver chair from Melino Style.
The secretaire, bureau ( white marble top ) and the drawers chest are all from Antiques Rhode Show by Jimpsky Rhode.
This industrial look build comes from Mattia Pascale ( available on marketplace only )
Small plants are from iTuTu, and the one next to the desk was found at Dutchie.
Chair is designed by Picnic.
The old typewriter comes from Shabby Chic Emporium by Jordanna Hamaski.
All books where found at MMG.
The rotan rug is designed by Kismet.
The natural wood desk and shelf is designed by Charlotte Bartlett for Scarlet Creative.
On the desktop, pencils in cut and the coffee cut from LISP, along with some table goods from Olive, and a vintage radio from Clematis ( Iitomo Allen ).
The radios on the shelf, from left to right, are from Atmosphere Works ( Daikick Gausman ), Firefly ( Leyla Firefly ), By Georgia ( Brann Georgia ), POST ( Van Auster ).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

MOOD Nr 3 - Muted Organic - Faded

Styling by Dolly Baroque
Photography by Piedra Lubitsch
Stylish and contemprary lounge from Designer Prims.
Coffee cup and newspapers on the side table are found at Dutchie.
The decorative wall shelf comes from Fucifino, and at DECO we found the palmetto leaves.
POST is always a good place to find little decorations. We brought back from our shopping; Endiron table, the stool at desk, the throw on table, a cute little side table, the floor cushion, the pencil cup, the ouija board, crochet thread, the antique juggling pins, a trio set of vases, the snuff box, the bottle and ashtray, a globe, open aged books ( on floor )and a set antique morphine bottles.
 From LISP comes the color change draperies, the rug and the floor lamp.
At Cheeky Pea we found the desk, the bookcase, a memoboard and the typewriter.
From What Next, the "swinging London" print and the pineknot coat rack.
Floor canvas deco from UrbanizeD
The mesh houseplant on the floor comes from Rustica.
Top row of books in the bookcase, the potted plant on top of the bookcase, the potted plant on the shelf and the hanging lamp are stylists own ( for information, contact Dolly Baroque )
The unique wallpaper made from old newspapers was made for INSPIRATION BOOK and is not available.

INVITATION to Midsummer Night Dream

Hope to see you all guys there!! Everyone invited!
Take care!
Inspiration TEAM

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MOOD Nr 3 - Muted Organic Textures Forecast

Linen, biologic cotton, hemp and wool, inspired by natural surfaces, washed, dyed and weatherd.
Original linen prints from Distressed ( left side )
Knitted cotton and woven hemp in faded neutrals from inSight Designs ( right side )

Muted colors, earthly shades, 100% natural fabrics and vintage prints are your key words for this organic mood.
Ethnic inspired patterned, fern prints and plain cottons from inSight Design.
The cream and grey faded prints, with the taupe fabric on top are from Distressed.

The new retro fabrics come in sage, gravel, mustard, khaki, cafe creme, taupe and cobblestone shades.
The faded leaves and florals on deep mustard background was designed by Studio Skye.
Patchwork in different natural toned prints by Distressed.
All other fabrics, plain and printed, from inSight Design.

Be original in floors, use big patterned carpets, vintage tiles or overpainted old parquet.
Big retro inspired prints for carpets, neural and deep earth tones for patterned tiles from Studio Skye. ( left side )
Natural sepia wood planks from LimeHouse.
Little Spanish natural tiles and all the other woods from Distressed.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

MOOD Nr 3 - Muted Organic

For Mood Nr 3, Muted Organic, our forecast colors are all "non color", always earth shades, never bright, faded and powdered, delicate and raw the same time.
Think at sage, gravel, mustard, khaki, cafe crème, taupe, cobblestone...
This is not about the whole room decoration, make accents on smaller sets: a corner in your living room, a wall in the corridor... Smaller spots need attention.

Sculpture from Miss Dutchie head on a stool from Art Dummy.
Chair in the background from POST.
Building designed by Nordari.
We found this set amazing lamps on a yardsale, designed by DaHaus.
Stylish 70ies inspired skybox from DECO.
Baskets from Y's House and delicate plants at iTuTu.
Bookpile from HBLYS.
Vintage table lamp from POST, and small cute milk bottles with dandelions from Teawood ( only available at marketplace )
Table, books and decorations from POST.
Hydrangea in glass vase and incence from iTutu.
Potted plant on floor was found at Fucifino.
Big metal vase from Abiss, coffeemil from iTuTu, and Turkish Coffee Set from Melino Style.
Perfect blank wood bowls set from Teawood ( only available at marketplace )
Why not showcase all your art just by display them on the floor?
Muted tones for paintings from Piedra Lubitsch, and a strong black & white for the "Charlotte" painting by Kasabian Beck. The "Back to nature" board is from Mudshake.
Amazing wave chair from Jeet Kling, and organic floor vases from Marcco Andretti ( not available anymore )
Stylish blankwood prefab from Scarlet Creative.
Coffee table from The Loft , and cute fake fur stool from LISP.
Decorated tray on table is also from LISP, and the squared vase from POST. The big brown vase can be found at Meshworx, and the coffeepot at Meshaboom; designed by Truffleshroom.
Book piles comes in al styles from a sculpt pack found on the marketplace, designed by Roc Furse.
Decorative fish is made by Culprit.
All set up in a skybow prefab by Designer Prims.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Architectural - Gazebo/Pergola by Abiss

Stylish and modern gazebo mesh design by Abiss.

Natural materials, sharp details and interesting shadow play, perfect for your fancie garden party !

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MOOD Nr 2 - Welcome @ Neva's Garden Party !

Welcome @ Neva's Garden Party !
Styling, concept and photography by Neva Crystall.
The house comes from L2 Studio, the Beach View House.
Easel with blackboard, freight box and the railroad tie are from MMG.
For the gardens we used the hanging grapevines from 3D Trees, classic coco palms from the Heart sisters and realistic 1prim beach grass from KIDD.
Our little doggy comes from Zooby.
All the lamps, lanterns and the hanging heart lights are from What Next. Also the ( animated )bicycles and the floor pillows where designed by What Next.
Kettle grill comes from Artilleri, food accessorier can be found at LISP and Flecha.
All the little flower pots and potted plants are designed by D-LAB.
The antique gnome comes from DECO.
Display stand was found at Y's House.

No picnic with some good wine from Dutchie.
Bent wooden chair, small white wood stool, pear bowl and the antique picnic table are from iTuTu.
Lace canopy, antique colanders and the sewing machine desk are found at PicNic.
The tea house table where designed by Turnip's.
Art Dummy designed the cute cream chairs, and the sofa was found at CP.
The classic cafe chairs are from Fluke.
Vintage hospital sink comes from FD, and the brush&broom from Atmosphere Works

Saturday, July 7, 2012

MOOD Nr 2 - Summer Travels

Our summer travels bring us to this luxury resort; set up in a Trompe L'oeil build, surrounded by endless gardens from New Trails and Alirium. Dreamy waterlillies designed by Barnesworth Anubis.
Most of the chaises, rugs, drapes and pillows are modified by stylist with textures from inSight Design. This is the best way to make all your furnitures match, and also, you will surprice all your visitors with these unique creations !
The floor vases are from Leezu.
Long table, garden tables, the painted rotan chairs, ocean blue painted screen and all the table settings are from The Loft.
The basic candles, "caged" candles, big vases with candles and the deco mannequin can be found at UrbanizeD.
Cheeky Pea designed the sky blue dresser, and the ( modified ) rugs, chaises and paper lanterns are from LISP.
From Aria, the bar cabinet and all the china/flatware on top.
And no party without the best wine and cheese from France, imported by DIGS.

MOOD Nr 2 - Garden Party Textures Forecast

We where searching for a good alterative on all the tiki beach stuff we have all seen over and over again in our virtual world. But it seems, on the tropic front , new is a non know word. Virtual tropicals are always standard cliché.
So here s our answer.
We see it more in a vintage and retro look, in a wide mix of green and blue tones, with little accents of lime, yellow and even a tuch of pinks.
Also use plants and organic prints ( floral theme - leaves and flowers in 2 toned fabrics ). Accents can be brought by use of graphic patterns inspired by 60's and 70's. And of course use of transparent fabrics like voile will bring a more airy and light feeling to your room.
Deep ocean blue fabrics ( first 3 on the left side ) from inSight Design.
Romantic and vintage laced fabrics ( 2 on the right side ) from Distressed.
Lime dotted carpet print ( front left side ) from TRU Textures.
Striped carpet and floral woven fabrics ( front right side ) from Studio Skye.
All other woven and patterned fabrics from inSight Designs.
 All overpainted wood floor textures from Distressed.
Vintage tiles from E&D Engineering.
Two tone ply wood, squared wool carpet in faded sage tones and printed blue wood floor textures from Distressed.
Organic and eco friendly fabrics from Distressed.

Friday, July 6, 2012

MOOD Nr 2 - Garden Party - A picnic at home..

Retro inspired curtains from LeeZu.
Retro chic styled sofa, chair and ottoman set from What Next.
Vintage coffeetable comes from CC Decor, and the white painted metal fruit bowl is a mesh design from Leezu.
This 100% cuteness white wall table and lamp can be found at Abiss.
Cat bookends are from UrbanizeD.
Silver metal tray table is from Melino Style.
The round green table on the left is from Zinnias.
The red stool comes from Baffle, and the white vintage sideboard is from JJ Design.
The fleamarket-style old wall art comes from Dreamscapes.
A little romance with the draped table from Dutchie and tea sets designed by R(S)W.
The white mirrored chest can be found at LISP.
All around the decor, ( fake ) wall panels painted in bright sky blue and fresh sage green, comes from Blah To Wah, overbuild on a Scarlet Creative design.
Gorgeous ceramic vase/side lamp is designed by TMS Design.

Stylish and vitage designed glass table from 2Xtreme.
Large sideboard in wood and stone panels from UrbanizeD.
Samovar designed by Glimmer Moon and metal plate stand from Noctis ( on the sideboard )
All the pocelain comes from Art Dummy, and the fancie chairs are from LISP.