Saturday, June 30, 2012

MOOD Nr 1 - PURE - Textures forecast

Textures: one of the most important visual aspects of our second life.
Textures are everywhere, and because we see them as such important designers tools, INSPIRATION BOOK will stubbornly spam you with ideas and "how to use" textures in all our reported moods.
 All stone tiles are designed by Studio Skye, the wood floors come from Distressed and the printed crate is from Accel.
Mixed monotone sets for all showcased curtains from inSight. Curtains are "home made" for all pictures.
We used the sculpted packs from Rusalka Writer and hitomi Juran, and both sets can be found on the marketplace. These sets come with shading layers, so you can add your own textures to match any interior you want.
Also inSight has a set of "curtain wrinkle" overlayers to give your fabrics that natural look, along a great tutorial how to use them. Read more here:
Dreamy and pure as the designer herself... All textures showed from Distressed.
This set was composed for our PURE mood by Limehouse textures. Note that the pillows are printed in original Toile de Jouy. More info on this "back in fashion" fabric here:

MOOD Nr 1 - PURE - Immaculate Dreams

Immaculate Dreams
Styling & Concept by Emma Portilo
Photography by Neva Crystall
White painted empty frames from Morantique.
Modern square vase and natural twigs, and glass vase with light yellow orchids by PopArt.
Silky curtains by La Galleria.

Romantic bed comes from Akaesha.
Glass vases on floor are from PATRON.
The big planter with cactus and rocks is from UrbanizeD.
Little glass vases with snake plant comes from CIRCA.
All rugs showed are from Abiss.
And all the pillows, throw on bed, bench and window sear are from Isabelle Mavendorf.
Cute book set with tulip from Cheeky Pea.
Pile of books from What Next.
Hanging planters from UrbanizeD.

White vase with palm leaves is designed by PATRON and the metal romantic bench by The Loft.
Painted lace print from PopArt.

Stylist used the Magnolia Cottage ( with modifications )
Texture on window seat, mirror frame, dresser and stand by Limehouse Textures.
Dresser, stand, and window seat custom made for the room by Emma Portilo.

MOOD NR 1 - PURE - PURITY by Neva Crystall

Styling & Photography by Neva Crystall
 Dreamy and pure setting around the Tucson House from L2 Studio.
Hanging grapevine and trees from 3D Trees, beach grasses from MnM Designs and NVE rocks for the landscape around the house. Railroad and fence are from MMG's.

Decoration and furniture used;
Lanterns, striped dock pillow from What Next
Claw foot bath tub, creme rug, croton plants and antique closet from Dutchie
Potted white flowers from D-Lab
Massage table, likable things books and cup designed by CP
Towel rack, silver clock, white table, side table,  towel basket, daybed ( modified by stylist ) and artisan chair by The Loft.
Cute bee curtains from INK
White washed wooden bed, night table, dresser and cabinet from Abiss.
Canopy bed from KOPI
Decorative books, hatboxes, mirror and little cups from Art Dummy
Magazine pile, comes from Aria.
Alarm clock and cosmetic set from NsB.
White japanese carper by Hiyoko
Tableau and iPad from NODe
Linen rug comes from Y's.
Little table pot and roses from LISP.
Wall art and hanging planters from UrbanizeD
Grandma's slippers @ Baffle.
White potted sprouts and phonograf record palyer from Artilleri.
Likable things books,cup


 Colour forecast for the PURE mood, going from optical white over powdered sandy shades, into misty warm greys. Overall , try to keep it clean, with a warm feel...
 Gorgeous white and natural stone textures from Studio Skye and Distressed.
Minimal designer tables/stools from Shi in a Scarlet Creative prefab.
 Welcome home...
Clean white and blank wood chair from The Loft, umbrella stand from Abiss and clothes rack by One Grid.
 Accents are allowed, but don't overdo it!
Small splashes of color could be added in bright blue, green or yellow.
Playful mobile hanging lamp from Oh!Studio , melted chair by  Theosophy along the vintage ashtray from Atmosphere. Rug not available, this was made for the photoshoot only.
 Dreamy white for the Abiss bookcase and sidetable from Aria. On the wall, the freebie propeller clock from Chronokit. Little objects on table comes from the POST "DeWitt Shaving Set"
 Pictures are made in the "Let me hang art" Scarlet Creative prefab, and oldie from 2009, but still very stylish ! So, lets rezz some fine arts. On the floor work from Liisi Karfield ( Let me breathe ), at the wall picture by Buster Naxos ( Skate ) and on the sideboard from Abiss, work from This Is A Fawn. Backside frames and potted plants from UrbanizeD, and pure white double vase from MeshWorx.
Optical whites mixed with softened stone, gravel, misty tones, gives the room more warmth and a natural feeling.
Retro lamp from POST, next to a vintage metal chair from Cheeky Pea.