Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deck The Halls by Pitsch Parx

 Mood Nr 1 - Winter Neon
Deck The Halls
Styling & Photography by Pitsch Parx

This decor was build by the Inspiration Book team, and therefor not for sale as a build.
However, we used prefab mesh windows from Estatica ( sold as full perm building components )
Bricks & floor textures used on the build are both from Distressed.

Outside; Snowy pines from Heart and Winter Birch from *aG*
Big white Christmas tree by New Trails, potted in a mesh planter from Trompe Loeil.

Gorgeous victorian chandeliers designed by CIRCA.
The string lights can be found at WhatNext.

Out setting is build around amazing driftwood and glass tables from DIGS, all the playful stools are designed by ArtDummy ( we modified the color )

Neon pink place settings from L'aize Days ( modified the color ) mixed with piled plates from NorthWest.
Grouped wine glasses from ARIA and the tray with glasses from PoPart.
The decorative big metal bowls are from POST.
Fruit bowl and big candles covered with ivy, both from UrbanizeD.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Crisp by Samantha Hellmann

Mood Nr 1 - Winter Neon
Christmas Crisp
Concept & Styling by Samantha Hellmann
For this dreamy Christmas decor we used a Scarlet Creative build.

On the left, star and "Noel" deco from TheLoft, piled pillows found at Y'S House.
The eco friendly Christmas tree in recycled wood was made by the IB stylist and not for sale.

Right side;
The cream sofa and both chairs, the olive painted coffee table, all is designed by DIGS.
Winter wool curtains from LeeZu, and a fireplace found at +PLUS.
Contrast made by the neon yellow lamp from TheLoft.
Neutral tones for the rug from HD and the side table from MudHoney.

The fireplace is the perfect spot to show all your new decorations.
Our fireplace is designed by +PLUS.
On the left, star and "Noel" deco from TheLoft, piled pillows found at Y'S House.
The eco friendly Christmas tree in recycled wood was made by the IB stylist and not for sale.
Old gold for the table top spruce trees from Elate.
On the right side, an iron candle stick trio from ARIA, along the neon pink camel. ( we used a full perm sculpt from the marketplace, designed by CrashOV Uladstron )
We all love the ecological wall clock from ililo, and the tiny tree found at Alchemy & Immortalis.
Above the fireplace, antlers and candles from LISP.

Modern and stylish, comfortable chairs from DIGS.
Wood sidetable from MudHoney, and a neon pink phone from WhatNext.
The artwork "Santa Labradoodle" is designed by Twinkletoes Fairport and can be found on the marketplace.

On the right, so decorative, the "Blowing in the wind" vines designed by CIRCA and vintage robbon ornaments found at C&D Designs.

Getting ready for your Neon Christmas dinner...
Big dining table in massive wood, found at TheLoft along the neon red drinks cart.
The stylish modern sideboard is designed by DIGS, and the abstract "cubed" artwork was found at Abiss.
Modern chairs and table settings, both from DesignerPrims ( we just tinted them to make them match our set )
The cute flower card stand comes from Zacca.
Neon red and snowflakes art on the background, made by IB stylists and not for sale.

 You dont need much to bring this neon winter mood to your home.
We used vases from DesignerPrims and tinted them into the neon colors.
The plastic coral ( no, we didnt killed the coral reefs ) was found at TheLoft.

Romantic snow white bed and side table from TheLoft.
Retro inspired table lamp found at MiaSnow.
The illuminated ladder is designed by KKPW.
Perfectly made natural wooden console designed by Abiss.
The wood chair and all the decorations on the console can be found at TheLoft.

Winter wonderland bathroom...
From Dutchie we used the laundry basket, from Aria the towel mount.
The towel rack, flowers and the white chair can be found at TheLoft.
Reindeer art from Canvas

Need love ? You can find our neon yellow "Love" at CT by Eerie Indiana.
Sink and wall mirror designed by TheLoft, the yellow bath mats comes from WhatNext and the minimal holiday tree was found at ArtDummy ( we modded it a little )

Vintage coat rack and the cubic umbrella stand, both designed by Abiss.
The polaroid wreath ( its an collectors item ! ) designed by BlahToWah.
Color block mat and "believe" logo from TheLoft.
The chair with branches was found at ArtDummy.

On the right, modern table from TheLoft.
Black tree from BG, and the little alarm clock found at NsB.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Neon Twinkle by Shana Pizzaro

Mood Nr 1 - Winter Neon
Neon Twinkle
Styling by Shana Pizzaro
Photography by Neva Crystall & Autumn Ashdene

Twinkle twinkle neon star...
Neon yellow chair from Aria, cute stuffed bear from Monger.
Gift boxes found at Lisp & WhatNext, the greeting cards at ShabbyChic.

We used a Scarlet Creative prefab to build our set. All textures and wall prints used are made by the IB team, and not for sale.

Around the glowing fireplace from Abiss, pure white chair from LP2, wool rug from NorthWest and printed pillows from AppleFall.
The neon toy elf, side tables, books and the caged candles are all designed by TheLoft.
Little Christmas tree by Secondbiz Engineer.

Sturdy wood dining table, elegant red painted chairs and a decorative metal reindeer centerpiece, all found at TheLoft.
Pure white wool rug designed by MudHoney.
The classy stylish white chairs and modern sidetable where found at Aria.
Glass candles by CheekyPea and gorgeous squared dinner plates designed by PILOT.
Different caterers have delivered our Christmas dinner; AphroditeShop, Felcha, Theosophy, IncredibleEdibles, AppleFall, LexStore, TartessosArts, Aria, CheekyPea and TheLoft.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winter Neon - mood Intro ( Act III )

A sparkling room in bright neon yellow and muted greyish tones.
We used patterned cemented walls from Distressed and deep black planked floors from inSight Design.
Decorated Christmas trees are designed by Whimsy Winx. The hanging lamps at the ceiling are from What Next.

Gorgeous grey houndstooth printed sofa by Apple Fall, along the modern console from Scarlet Creative ( lamp incl. )
Stylish central table from Abiss. The decorative deer set comes from Boathouse, and the yellow ashtray is designed by Sho Memo.
Fancy frames at the back wall are from Meshworx ( Textures made by Inspiration Book team, not for sale )

Large dining table in soft grey wood from Aria. The classic boudoir chairs with yellow fabric are found at CIRCA.
On the table, a "Gemini Physicus Atomica" ( hear/hat something ) by Aeon Perian for Plank Couture and a porcelain vase with iris and orchids from Artic Greenhouse.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter Neon - Mood Intro ( Act II )

Our second room for Winter Neon is all about contrasts and strong colour use. 
On one side we mix bright pink with vivid red, the other side of the room we keep calm with pure whites.

Pink lemonade for this classic styled sofa from Lame, one of the newest mesh brands on the grid.
Porcelain white floor vase, found at Trompe Loeil, matching perfectly with the rain drop lamps from Y's House.
Modern monotoned screen from Apple Fall.
The white wood boxes where found at MMG.
Big trio of shutters with postcards designed by Floorplan.
We planted big snowy pines from New Trails in planters designed by Trompe Loeil.
Crispy white painted floor from Distressed, and true red painted walls by inSight Design.

Simple but perfect, this mesh shutters/postcard frame made by Floorplan.
( The postcards where made by the Inspiration Book team, so not for sale )

The gorgeous art deco inspired lamp was designed by Twirlin Merlin for TMS Designs.

This white room needed a big white sofa set. We found ours at Scarlet Creative, ( we modified the pillows with our own Christmas printed fabrics ) along the big floor lamp.
Checkmate art in bright colours from Breno, an other of the new 2012 mesh designers.
The "Cruella" inspired bag was designed by The Plank.
Wood coffee table from Aria, decorated with pink potted tulips from Thaino and 2toned vases from Teawood, again, one of our newest mesh designers on the grid!
Little printed stool from North West.
From DIGS we got the full decorated mesh coffee table on the left side and the shelves on the back Only one vase was added on the shelves, the pink potted florals from Thaino.
At the wall ( on top of the shelves ) hangs the driftwood clock designed by Floorplan.
On the coffee table, again the art deco inspired lamp from TMS Designs, and the little white 70ies inspired side table was found at Trompe Loeil.
White painted floor planks and brick wall, both designed by Distressed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Neon - Mood Intro ( Act I )

This is the first act on our "Winter Neon" mood,
now we know the colours and textures, lets start styling !

And why not start with a all yellow room ?
From Lame we got this gorgeous couch with a dandelion printed fabric, not very winter themed, but it will bring instant happiness into your home ! Also from Lame, the yellow lamp and the white flowers.
The illume neon Christmas tree is designed by Giancarlo Corvale ( we recolored it yellow )
For the walls we used a colored cement from inSight Design.

On the left side, we used the baroque bench by Trompe Loeil and a view on old NYC made by Apple Fall.

Amazing realistic Frech tiled floor by Studio Skye, natural look and a little dark. But this will be a good contrast with the neon's and neutral woods we used.
You will need a big dining table for Christmas diners, we found ours at L'aize Dayz, and the vintage metal chairs from ililo, designed by Zozo Raven, make a perfect match.
White vase by Lame and wireframe fruit bowl designed by Painter Meriman.
The green pine twigs and yellow Christmas deco on table, are both from full perm builders sets by Madeliefste Oh ( on marketplace )

The big wall cabinet is designed by Alexand Vantelli and comes with all the decorations showed ( only the green pine twigs are from Madeliefste Oh )
Again the yellow dandelion sofa by Lame and the neon Christmas tree by Giancarlo Corvale.

Same sofa, new fabric! This time in a bright red victorian pattern, also designed by Lame.
The big neon Christmas tree comes from "The Dogs", the old brand by JDDM Catteneo.
Big yellow prints on the wall where made by the IB team. We used snowflake brushes from inSight Design, they are free and can be found here
The sweet yellow floor pillow comes from What Next, along with the pink tulips. The orange gerbera was a free gift by Nocc.
Wall bricks are designed by Distressed, the gorgeous French tiled floor comes from Studio Skye.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winter Neon - Textures Forecast

Here at inspiration book we are always in search for the newest trends,
so also for the upcoming SL Christmas holidays.
Here our vision on Christmas 2012 ! And it will be bright, very bright !

Our main base will be white, optical white. Almost illume, like the snow outside reflect a bright white light inside our homes. The white base also make it all look more modern, positive and fresh.
Second in line, a neutral gray, along untreated natural wood. And if you don't like the natural shades, then we overpaint all wood furniture just white.
New for Christmas 2012, bright neons ! Candy pink, shiny yellow and strawberry red will make your new interior glow and twinkle !

Note: As this is a new trend, our Inspiration Book team needed to design a lot of new fabrics and textures for the next sets. Our base textures are all from SL stores and designers, which we modified.

Bright yellow and optical whites for a positive mood.
From left to right;
1 White base linen by inSight Design. ( Modified with Christmas pattern by IB team )
2 Yellow cotton base by inSight Design. ( Modified with Christmas pattern by IB team )
3 Bright yellow patterned fabric by inSight Design.
4 Soft damask base by inSight Design ( Modified with deer pattern by IB team )
5 Greyish white linen fabric by inSight Design ( Modified with snowflake pattern by IB team )
6 Striped yellow & white raw linen by inSight Design.
7 Yellow linen base by inSight Design ( Modified with snowflake pattern by IB team )

Deep reds, mixed with candy pinks, softened by illume white.
From left to right;
1 Deep red patterned cotton by inSight Design.
2 White damask fabric by inSight design ( Modified with Christmas pattern by IB team )
3 Pink velvet base by inSight Design ( Modified with snowflake pattern by IB team )
4 White cotton base by inSight design ( Modified with stars pattern by IB team )
5 True red velvet by inSight Design ( Modified with snowflake pattern by IB team )
6 Pink wool blend by inSight Design ( Modified with Christmas pattern by IB team )
7 White cotton base by inSight design ( Modified with snowflake pattern by IB team )

White is never "just white", white comes in a lot of shades and tones. From clean modern bricks to some more distressed looks, printed wallpaper or patterned cement, as long its white, it is the perfect base for our Winter Neon mood.
From left to right;
1 White clean bricks by [K.O.] Khan Omizu Textures
2 Plastered wall with bird prints by Distressed.
3 Starry wallpaper and trim by inSight Design.
4 Big old overpainted bricks by Distressed.
5 Old cemented brick wall by Distressed.
Background clean white cement by Distressed

With all this white and neutral grey, we need a focus wall. Patterned with the neon colors or just plain painted, as long it get everyone's attention, it is good !
From left to right;
1 White painted brick wall by Distressed.
2 White clean cement by Distressed ( Modified with snowflake pattern by IB team )
3 Deep red wall paint and trim by inSight Design.
4 White cemented wall by Distressed ( Modified with lace pattern by IB team )
5 Ombre yellow cemented wall by Distressed.

Now, this are not just doors and shutters. This is a challenge ! You can do so much more with those textures, just be creative !
Background white bricks by [K.O.] Khan Omizu Textures
Grey wooden floor by inSight Design.
All doors & shutters textures by Distressed
Bike by What Next

The wood floors will soften down the mood, and not become to cold or minimal. It will give that extra natural feel to your interior.
All wood plank floor textures by Distressed.
Background cemented wall by Distressed.

Up next, our "Winter Neon" mood intro... to be continued...

Sunday, November 4, 2012


The very first Inspiration Book was published in early summer 2012 and now this,
our second edition, spans the winter 2012 and spring 2013 seasons.
The whole team were so eager to showcase the latest products from second Life and best influences from real life,  that come publish time; we ended up with a massive 700 pages of dazzling designs.

This second edition of Inspiration Book opens with a fresh and vibrant ‘Winter Neon’ feature: our retelling of the traditional Christmas design story, where we focus on the new neon colours that will make a vivid come back in the spring/summer collections in both fashion and design for 2013.

Up next are five new moods, trend forecasts and ideas for next spring (and beyond), all with their own identity and styling. Some are made for high end design; others are translated for mainstream target markets. Also new, is our ‘Ton-Sur-Ton’ mood, where we work around the limitations of one colour; starting with a fresh, spring orange. We hope this helps show how you can be creative restrictions!

New to this, our second volume of Inspiration Book is also a closer look at lifestyle related influences. You will find them at the end of this edition along with our key words for 2013 future inspirations.

For the online issue we have split this latest edition into two parts and we begin with this volume which has a distinctly warm and cosy wintertime theme.

Feast your eyes on new neon’s, alternative seasonal styles, a fresh new take on Asian influenced design and the dramatic, brooding magic of a poetically pagan theme.
Whatever the weather is doing in real life, we recommend you curl up with a hot chocolate (with maybe a dash of brandy), light the log fire and indulge in an Inspiration Book packed full of yuletide treats…

The crisp chill of winter fades and the sun starts to heat the earth once again.
Cast off the woollen mittens, pack away those Christmas decorations
and open your arms wide to welcome in spring 2013.

The smell of spring is all around us and along with the opening buds and gentle blossom
we feel the need to revamp our homes from cosy and introspective to light and airy.
In this second online volume, we head straight to the warm,
sunkissed and optimistic days of spring…

Please read the next in our special series of INSPIRATION BOOK, Vol. Nr II - Act II for sweet spring styles…

Read Act I online here:

Read Act II online here:

Credits and store info can be found in the inworld printed version.
Or you can pick up the info note at our inworld LM.