Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sourcing - Into 2013..

Here at Inspiration Book, we like to spot the latest trends and talents in any life, so when we first came across the work of ShaySibrian, we just had to include her in this issue.
Not only was Shay the first in SL with a full mesh sim; she also has a great eye for concepts and interior design.
Inspiration Book used her ‘Celoe’ store to highlight our key guide for 2013 trends.

Blank canvas meets white wall: let light and shadows weave their magic….
Layer up and create the tranquil ambience often found in Asian landscape art. Ethereal, transient and easy on the eye.


Rethink maximal: choose minimal objects, don’t obscure your camera frame.
Allow rooms and walkways space and flow for pleasurable retail therapy. 

Play with fresh shapes and innovative solutions.
We loved the cut out elements in these walls.
Like vintage lace revealing the lining of a dress…

Classic design is timeless, but that doesn’t mean boring.
The new classics are fun, glossy and childlike. Let 2013 be all about the lighter side of life!

Honest design: forget hidden surprises and over the top packaging, showcase your product as it is.
Details rock!
Every detail of your store, your designs and products reflect the real you.
Unleash your hidden imagination and show the world how you want to be seen.

Colour will be central in 2013.
Bright and bold, abstract and graphic, neon and neutral – there’s no escaping its rainbow influence.

Spirituality and our core beliefs will be reflected in our interiors.
Inventive light and shadow play illustrates this zeitgeist

Graphics and artistic elements abound.
This amazing skyline painted on the ceiling looks like it came from an ancient religious building.

Stop customers in their tracks. Delight and amaze!
Window dressing in virtual spaces is just as sexy as in real life.
Be abstract and use clever composition of products to prove that less is more…