Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crystall Christmas by Neva Crystall

Mood Nr 1 - Winter Neon
Crystall Christmas
Styling & Photography by Neva Crystall

Our set is build up in a Scarlet Creative design.
From PILOT we used the big birdcages and a decorative tree.
Twigs in a big bowl and a winter wool fluffy rug from LeeZu, the pinecorn decor comes from WhatNext.
Hanging twinkling stars found at LISP.

Staning clock, decorative fairy lanterns and tiny dummy, all found at ArtDummy.
From Y'sHouse, vintage round chairs and white shelf.

From TheLoft, we used the big decorative branches, the modern dining table, antler candles and the candles in glass.
Letters bookshelf, crispy white daybed, Barcelone-inspired chair and stool, all from Abiss.

Dinner set from FollowUs.
The napkin pile, books, fork pile and grouped glasses, all found at ARIA.
Champagne set is a full perm prefab from Meli Imako.