Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lifestyle - 2013 And Beyond..

Lifestyle - 2013 And Beyond..
Concept by Pitsch Parx
Photography by Del May, Rocketta Heaven, Marcopol Oh and Piedra Lubitsch.
Recent photography and art books have all featured the hidden face.
Heads turned just out of full view of the lens; long hair partially hiding facial features;
looking down, but never looking direct at the camera.
Is this symbolic of a new age of prudery?
Or is timidity the new zeitgeist? The truth is that there’s a lot more going on that meets the eye.
History teaches us that evolution comes in waves and every action has a reaction…

In a virtual environment, it seems ironic we should hide our avatar faces.
We are already shielded by our virtual selves and even when wearing a mask,
our avatar names are displayed boldly above our heads.
The rapid acceleration of social media now means we are living a more exposed life:
our digital footprints are prolific.

We have seen it all. Information and image overload.
We create a version of our selves how we want to be seen
and virtual worlds are a perfect example of this.

Social media plays the same role.
We all wear ‘masks’ to show the world a better more upgraded version of ourselves:
a real version of the virtual us? Or a virtual version of our real self?
But, we are human and it’s in our nature to think.

And at some point, we look back…back to a time when everything was peaceful and easy.
A time when we didn’t have to hide – but those days are gone.

Driven by nostalgia and an inner urge for quiet, we wear masks, we cover our faces,
we look down, we look up and we look away…
There will be a backlash.
In the future, we will cherish anonymity and a new romantic mood will become apparent…

Getting back in touch with nature
and our own bodies will inspire a palette of grey, flesh tones and subtle shades.
Fashion accessories such as wrap around head scarves and oversized capes and coats
cocoon us from the outside world.
Invisibility is our new ally.
In interior design, we turn our backs on large rooms and retreat into smaller spaces:
building walls physically and metaphorically.

Windows will become rounder: our portholes onto the outside world.
Beds are womblike with canopies and architecture will return to organic shapes and forms.

Wing backed chairs provide instant private space and seating will be designed to create intimacy.

It is time to retreat…
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