Saturday, June 30, 2012


 Colour forecast for the PURE mood, going from optical white over powdered sandy shades, into misty warm greys. Overall , try to keep it clean, with a warm feel...
 Gorgeous white and natural stone textures from Studio Skye and Distressed.
Minimal designer tables/stools from Shi in a Scarlet Creative prefab.
 Welcome home...
Clean white and blank wood chair from The Loft, umbrella stand from Abiss and clothes rack by One Grid.
 Accents are allowed, but don't overdo it!
Small splashes of color could be added in bright blue, green or yellow.
Playful mobile hanging lamp from Oh!Studio , melted chair by  Theosophy along the vintage ashtray from Atmosphere. Rug not available, this was made for the photoshoot only.
 Dreamy white for the Abiss bookcase and sidetable from Aria. On the wall, the freebie propeller clock from Chronokit. Little objects on table comes from the POST "DeWitt Shaving Set"
 Pictures are made in the "Let me hang art" Scarlet Creative prefab, and oldie from 2009, but still very stylish ! So, lets rezz some fine arts. On the floor work from Liisi Karfield ( Let me breathe ), at the wall picture by Buster Naxos ( Skate ) and on the sideboard from Abiss, work from This Is A Fawn. Backside frames and potted plants from UrbanizeD, and pure white double vase from MeshWorx.
Optical whites mixed with softened stone, gravel, misty tones, gives the room more warmth and a natural feeling.
Retro lamp from POST, next to a vintage metal chair from Cheeky Pea.