Saturday, June 30, 2012

MOOD NR 1 - PURE - PURITY by Neva Crystall

Styling & Photography by Neva Crystall
 Dreamy and pure setting around the Tucson House from L2 Studio.
Hanging grapevine and trees from 3D Trees, beach grasses from MnM Designs and NVE rocks for the landscape around the house. Railroad and fence are from MMG's.

Decoration and furniture used;
Lanterns, striped dock pillow from What Next
Claw foot bath tub, creme rug, croton plants and antique closet from Dutchie
Potted white flowers from D-Lab
Massage table, likable things books and cup designed by CP
Towel rack, silver clock, white table, side table,  towel basket, daybed ( modified by stylist ) and artisan chair by The Loft.
Cute bee curtains from INK
White washed wooden bed, night table, dresser and cabinet from Abiss.
Canopy bed from KOPI
Decorative books, hatboxes, mirror and little cups from Art Dummy
Magazine pile, comes from Aria.
Alarm clock and cosmetic set from NsB.
White japanese carper by Hiyoko
Tableau and iPad from NODe
Linen rug comes from Y's.
Little table pot and roses from LISP.
Wall art and hanging planters from UrbanizeD
Grandma's slippers @ Baffle.
White potted sprouts and phonograf record palyer from Artilleri.
Likable things books,cup