Thursday, November 22, 2012

Neon Twinkle by Shana Pizzaro

Mood Nr 1 - Winter Neon
Neon Twinkle
Styling by Shana Pizzaro
Photography by Neva Crystall & Autumn Ashdene

Twinkle twinkle neon star...
Neon yellow chair from Aria, cute stuffed bear from Monger.
Gift boxes found at Lisp & WhatNext, the greeting cards at ShabbyChic.

We used a Scarlet Creative prefab to build our set. All textures and wall prints used are made by the IB team, and not for sale.

Around the glowing fireplace from Abiss, pure white chair from LP2, wool rug from NorthWest and printed pillows from AppleFall.
The neon toy elf, side tables, books and the caged candles are all designed by TheLoft.
Little Christmas tree by Secondbiz Engineer.

Sturdy wood dining table, elegant red painted chairs and a decorative metal reindeer centerpiece, all found at TheLoft.
Pure white wool rug designed by MudHoney.
The classy stylish white chairs and modern sidetable where found at Aria.
Glass candles by CheekyPea and gorgeous squared dinner plates designed by PILOT.
Different caterers have delivered our Christmas dinner; AphroditeShop, Felcha, Theosophy, IncredibleEdibles, AppleFall, LexStore, TartessosArts, Aria, CheekyPea and TheLoft.