Sunday, November 4, 2012


The very first Inspiration Book was published in early summer 2012 and now this,
our second edition, spans the winter 2012 and spring 2013 seasons.
The whole team were so eager to showcase the latest products from second Life and best influences from real life,  that come publish time; we ended up with a massive 700 pages of dazzling designs.

This second edition of Inspiration Book opens with a fresh and vibrant ‘Winter Neon’ feature: our retelling of the traditional Christmas design story, where we focus on the new neon colours that will make a vivid come back in the spring/summer collections in both fashion and design for 2013.

Up next are five new moods, trend forecasts and ideas for next spring (and beyond), all with their own identity and styling. Some are made for high end design; others are translated for mainstream target markets. Also new, is our ‘Ton-Sur-Ton’ mood, where we work around the limitations of one colour; starting with a fresh, spring orange. We hope this helps show how you can be creative restrictions!

New to this, our second volume of Inspiration Book is also a closer look at lifestyle related influences. You will find them at the end of this edition along with our key words for 2013 future inspirations.

For the online issue we have split this latest edition into two parts and we begin with this volume which has a distinctly warm and cosy wintertime theme.

Feast your eyes on new neon’s, alternative seasonal styles, a fresh new take on Asian influenced design and the dramatic, brooding magic of a poetically pagan theme.
Whatever the weather is doing in real life, we recommend you curl up with a hot chocolate (with maybe a dash of brandy), light the log fire and indulge in an Inspiration Book packed full of yuletide treats…

The crisp chill of winter fades and the sun starts to heat the earth once again.
Cast off the woollen mittens, pack away those Christmas decorations
and open your arms wide to welcome in spring 2013.

The smell of spring is all around us and along with the opening buds and gentle blossom
we feel the need to revamp our homes from cosy and introspective to light and airy.
In this second online volume, we head straight to the warm,
sunkissed and optimistic days of spring…

Please read the next in our special series of INSPIRATION BOOK, Vol. Nr II - Act II for sweet spring styles…

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Credits and store info can be found in the inworld printed version.
Or you can pick up the info note at our inworld LM.