Monday, October 15, 2012

Sourcing Ideas - Painted House Nr 1

Like the title says this is all about painting coloring texturing your homes.
We would like to challenge people to be adventurous in the way they redefine their interior using "paints" 

To show the diverse and profound effect colors can have on your interior we have come up with a demonstration.

We picked two paintings by the artist .Gabrielle Swindlehurst.. Both paintings are nature inspired showing leaves and grasses but in use of color they are complete opposites.

Color picker was set loose on both paintings resulting in two very distinct color palettes.
These palettes we used to redefine two sets. The results of this experiment  show how important the choice of a color palette is in an interior
The color itself, the way it is used and how much of it is used are all parts of the formula to brew an atmosphere in a house. A fourth element in this formula is light to subdue or emphasize the experience of color.

NOTE: All wall textures and patterned wallpapers are made by the Inspiration Book team, and are NOT for sale. They are only made to give an idea how future interiors could look. We hope you will be inspired by them and design your own version.

 Wood floor in neutral tones by inSight Design.
Moroccan inspired prints on squared pillows by Melino Style.
 Deep rusty tones for this planked floor by inSight Design.
Hat boxes, hat boxes stools and anique lamp by LISP.
Forest green parquet floor by Virtual Textures.
Antique wooden desk and chair by LISP.

Faded neutral wooden plank floor by Distressed.
Low Moroccan inspired lounger by Melino Style.
 Soft blue and pink for over-painted wooden floor by Distressed.
Round coffee tables and long sofa by UrbanizeD ( Not available in this color combination anymore )
Deep purple tones for this gorgeous parquet floor by Virtual Textures.
Decorated multi functional coat rack by Thaino Designs.