Saturday, July 14, 2012

MOOD Nr 3 - Muted Organic

For Mood Nr 3, Muted Organic, our forecast colors are all "non color", always earth shades, never bright, faded and powdered, delicate and raw the same time.
Think at sage, gravel, mustard, khaki, cafe crème, taupe, cobblestone...
This is not about the whole room decoration, make accents on smaller sets: a corner in your living room, a wall in the corridor... Smaller spots need attention.

Sculpture from Miss Dutchie head on a stool from Art Dummy.
Chair in the background from POST.
Building designed by Nordari.
We found this set amazing lamps on a yardsale, designed by DaHaus.
Stylish 70ies inspired skybox from DECO.
Baskets from Y's House and delicate plants at iTuTu.
Bookpile from HBLYS.
Vintage table lamp from POST, and small cute milk bottles with dandelions from Teawood ( only available at marketplace )
Table, books and decorations from POST.
Hydrangea in glass vase and incence from iTutu.
Potted plant on floor was found at Fucifino.
Big metal vase from Abiss, coffeemil from iTuTu, and Turkish Coffee Set from Melino Style.
Perfect blank wood bowls set from Teawood ( only available at marketplace )
Why not showcase all your art just by display them on the floor?
Muted tones for paintings from Piedra Lubitsch, and a strong black & white for the "Charlotte" painting by Kasabian Beck. The "Back to nature" board is from Mudshake.
Amazing wave chair from Jeet Kling, and organic floor vases from Marcco Andretti ( not available anymore )
Stylish blankwood prefab from Scarlet Creative.
Coffee table from The Loft , and cute fake fur stool from LISP.
Decorated tray on table is also from LISP, and the squared vase from POST. The big brown vase can be found at Meshworx, and the coffeepot at Meshaboom; designed by Truffleshroom.
Book piles comes in al styles from a sculpt pack found on the marketplace, designed by Roc Furse.
Decorative fish is made by Culprit.
All set up in a skybow prefab by Designer Prims.