Friday, July 20, 2012

MOOD Nr 3 - Muted Organic - Collected !

Styling & concept by Agusta Godenot
Photography by.. well, me ;o)
Natural and realistic textures for the building, designed by Dwelling Quay Homes.
Fairylike lights from iTuTu and picture from POST above the shelf ( part of the build, unlinked and repurposed )
Need a safe? This one we found at RE/Ron Eun, and the chair at Picnic
Old music sheets (on top of safe) comes from Noctis.
Vine Planter was found at Laura Liberty/Builders Depot, and the small plant is designed by iTuTu.
Metal Sign comes from Virtual Decay.
All the miniatures are resized items;
The white/silver chair from Melino Style.
The secretaire, bureau ( white marble top ) and the drawers chest are all from Antiques Rhode Show by Jimpsky Rhode.
This industrial look build comes from Mattia Pascale ( available on marketplace only )
Small plants are from iTuTu, and the one next to the desk was found at Dutchie.
Chair is designed by Picnic.
The old typewriter comes from Shabby Chic Emporium by Jordanna Hamaski.
All books where found at MMG.
The rotan rug is designed by Kismet.
The natural wood desk and shelf is designed by Charlotte Bartlett for Scarlet Creative.
On the desktop, pencils in cut and the coffee cut from LISP, along with some table goods from Olive, and a vintage radio from Clematis ( Iitomo Allen ).
The radios on the shelf, from left to right, are from Atmosphere Works ( Daikick Gausman ), Firefly ( Leyla Firefly ), By Georgia ( Brann Georgia ), POST ( Van Auster ).