Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MOOD Nr 2 - Welcome @ Neva's Garden Party !

Welcome @ Neva's Garden Party !
Styling, concept and photography by Neva Crystall.
The house comes from L2 Studio, the Beach View House.
Easel with blackboard, freight box and the railroad tie are from MMG.
For the gardens we used the hanging grapevines from 3D Trees, classic coco palms from the Heart sisters and realistic 1prim beach grass from KIDD.
Our little doggy comes from Zooby.
All the lamps, lanterns and the hanging heart lights are from What Next. Also the ( animated )bicycles and the floor pillows where designed by What Next.
Kettle grill comes from Artilleri, food accessorier can be found at LISP and Flecha.
All the little flower pots and potted plants are designed by D-LAB.
The antique gnome comes from DECO.
Display stand was found at Y's House.

No picnic with some good wine from Dutchie.
Bent wooden chair, small white wood stool, pear bowl and the antique picnic table are from iTuTu.
Lace canopy, antique colanders and the sewing machine desk are found at PicNic.
The tea house table where designed by Turnip's.
Art Dummy designed the cute cream chairs, and the sofa was found at CP.
The classic cafe chairs are from Fluke.
Vintage hospital sink comes from FD, and the brush&broom from Atmosphere Works