Saturday, July 7, 2012

MOOD Nr 2 - Garden Party Textures Forecast

We where searching for a good alterative on all the tiki beach stuff we have all seen over and over again in our virtual world. But it seems, on the tropic front , new is a non know word. Virtual tropicals are always standard cliché.
So here s our answer.
We see it more in a vintage and retro look, in a wide mix of green and blue tones, with little accents of lime, yellow and even a tuch of pinks.
Also use plants and organic prints ( floral theme - leaves and flowers in 2 toned fabrics ). Accents can be brought by use of graphic patterns inspired by 60's and 70's. And of course use of transparent fabrics like voile will bring a more airy and light feeling to your room.
Deep ocean blue fabrics ( first 3 on the left side ) from inSight Design.
Romantic and vintage laced fabrics ( 2 on the right side ) from Distressed.
Lime dotted carpet print ( front left side ) from TRU Textures.
Striped carpet and floral woven fabrics ( front right side ) from Studio Skye.
All other woven and patterned fabrics from inSight Designs.
 All overpainted wood floor textures from Distressed.
Vintage tiles from E&D Engineering.
Two tone ply wood, squared wool carpet in faded sage tones and printed blue wood floor textures from Distressed.
Organic and eco friendly fabrics from Distressed.