Thursday, July 5, 2012

MOOD Nr 2 - Garden Party Intro

Garden party is like a frech sweet coctail!
Use summer green and sky blue, sweeten it up with accents of light yellow.
Create a tropic feeling by using blown out maxi printed wallpapers and fabrics of leaves and florals.
Luxury, a little retro and vintage, bring the best of outside inside your home.
Garden Party mood aims to bring the best of outside inside with this cute bonsai tree from New Trails.
The porcelain coffee cups are from Art Dummy, the glass vases in the background were purchased from The Loft.
The backdrop for this set is a modified prefab from Y's House. The sage green chairs can be found at Digs.
The oversized leave texture was custom made for inspiration book and is not for sale. InSight Designs created the dark bottle green paint featured in the set.
The lime printed linen fabric was found at Distressed textures. The paint on the yellow colored walls is from inSight Design.
The desk composed in bright green and blue shades was created by Thaino Interiors for INSPIRATION BOOK. (separate parts of this desk can be purchased at their store to design your own unique composition)

The wall textures used in this picture are custom made for this set.
The base consists of painted blue bricks from Distressed. The organic florals have been added in photoshop.
The featured prefab is designed by by Charlotte Bartlet from Scarlet Creative (the hanging lamps come with the house).
POST is responsible for the art deco chair in this set. The little vase is from Nocc.
Meshworx designed the big blue vase and the thin vase can be found at The Loft.
Last but not least the potted cactus can be found at UrbanizeD mainstore.
Artwork was provided by Piedra Lubitsch. The sign "Protect Whales" is from Mudshake.

The walls in this picture are covered with a texture that was made from an original overpainted concrete by inSight Designs. The stylists added a floral print in photoshop.
The cute night stand is part of the Culprit collection. The featured cocktail set originates from POST and the bright blue vase has been found at Aria.
In this picture we made use of a floor lamp designed by Charlotte Bartlet from Scarlet Creative, The ocean blue chair is made by Art Dummy.

The featured organic texture was custom made for INSPIRATION BOOK (not for sale).
In this set the potted tropic plant was purchased from LP2, the desk in bottle comes from KOPI, finally the hyacinth trio placed on the floor can be found at Dutchie.