Saturday, June 30, 2012

MOOD Nr 1 - PURE - Textures forecast

Textures: one of the most important visual aspects of our second life.
Textures are everywhere, and because we see them as such important designers tools, INSPIRATION BOOK will stubbornly spam you with ideas and "how to use" textures in all our reported moods.
 All stone tiles are designed by Studio Skye, the wood floors come from Distressed and the printed crate is from Accel.
Mixed monotone sets for all showcased curtains from inSight. Curtains are "home made" for all pictures.
We used the sculpted packs from Rusalka Writer and hitomi Juran, and both sets can be found on the marketplace. These sets come with shading layers, so you can add your own textures to match any interior you want.
Also inSight has a set of "curtain wrinkle" overlayers to give your fabrics that natural look, along a great tutorial how to use them. Read more here:
Dreamy and pure as the designer herself... All textures showed from Distressed.
This set was composed for our PURE mood by Limehouse textures. Note that the pillows are printed in original Toile de Jouy. More info on this "back in fashion" fabric here: